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Win a 2 week volunteering experience at Emoya worth €1400

• You will help us take care of 42 big cats
• Participate in the day-to-day life of Bahati
• Meet the world-famous lions Masrya and Nero
• Work with our livestock
• Get a taste of general farm life in Africa

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Volunteering at Emoya

VIDEO: Meet volunteer Annie

VIDEO: A day in the life of an Emoya volunteer!

VIDEO: Meet volunteer Suzanne

The Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary is located on the Bahati Estate, a 5 000-hectare wilderness estate in Vaalwater, Limpopo Province, South Africa – about 300 kilometres from OR Tambo International Airport.
As a participant in the Bahati Volunteer Programme, you will help us take care of 42 big cats and have the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day life of Bahati, a working farm in Vaalwater.

Vaalwater lies on the southern-edge of the Waterberg biosphere reserve, which has a stunning mix of habitats including mountainous regions, rolling grasslands, forests, cliff caves and river gorges.
The region is home to a variety of indigenous mammals such as lion, buffalo, giraffe and white rhino and the climate is ideal for the sanctuary.

Win a 2-week volunteering experience at Emoya

What you will get

The 2 week experience includes:

• Transfers from and to OR Tambo International
• Accommodation
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner (mostly vegetarian)
• Tea, coffee and water are freely available
• Seasonal fruit will be available
• Daily servicing – laundry (3 x week)
• Wifi and Internet

The following is NOT included:

• Visa
• Vaccinations
• Travel expenses (international and local flights)
• Health, travel and cancellation insurance
• Personal expenses
• Alcoholic beverages
• Cigarettes
• Snacks

Prize can be claimed during an 18 month period ending Oct 2018

Win a 2-week volunteering experience at Emoya

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