Who is Kim Dijkman to Emoya?


Kim Dijkman was a volunteer from The Netherlands, potentially a long-term volunteer who would become an employee of Emoya providing services to us in exchange for housing and meals and (our typically intermittent) bush Wi-Fi and if employed full-time, a monthly salary. Her first visit was a probationary period, for both Emoya and Miss Dijkman.

Miss Dijkman arrived at Emoya two weeks before the devastating, gruesome murder of Liso and Jose. She pitched in and took the initiative on many tasks. Both Savannah and Minunette were thoroughly impressed with her; she brought skills that they did not have and showed a great sense of organisation. When she tackled the spring-clean and reorganisation of the Emoya kitchen, she also guided the Emoya chef on being more organised and time conscious.

It appeared Kim Dijkman would be a perfect fit with the Emoya team.

A measure put in place immediately following the poaching of the lions was the presence of security guards at the sanctuary. One of the security guards took a liking to Miss Dijkman and the two spent significant time together. On several occasions during the weekend following the deaths of Liso and Jose, they were found alone together in the kitchen at night, during his guarding shift, which was from 18:00 to 06:00.

This behaviour was unprofessional and highly irresponsible of both the guard and Miss Dijkman. It not only put the animals at risk but also, by keeping the guard away from his duties, actively increased the threat of animals being killed in the vulnerable period immediately following the breach.

Miss Dijkman had a responsible position with the Emoya team and Minunette became increasingly agitated by her behaviour, expecting that she would show more responsibility and tell the guard that socialising should not be conducted during his on-duty hours.

The after-effects from the shock of finding the severely mutilated bodies of Liso and Jose just days ago were taking their toll on Minunette. She had hardly slept and was living in a heightened and constant state of fear.

On finding them alone in the kitchen again, while the guard was meant to be on duty, Minunette became very worried and emotional.

Minunette had the guard removed from Emoya’s premises immediately. She swore, telling Dijkman, ‘If I ever f…ing find you with a f…ing guard again in the f…ing kitchen or anywhere else, you can pack your f…ing bags’.

Later that night, Miss Dijkman messaged Minunette on WhatsApp to say that she would be leaving Emoya. Minunette asked Miss Dijkman to stay until after the polygraph (lie detector) tests regarding the poaching of Liso and Jose were conducted, which had been scheduled with all personnel and visitors on site.

Miss Dijkman, however, refused to take the polygraph (lie detector) test. She arranged to leave Emoya a day before the polygraph tests were done.

Since leaving Emoya, Kim Dijkman has turned against Minunette publicly, on social media, and has privately emailed Minunette’s associates (though it is not clear how she gained their contact details) as well as other entities. Miss Dijkman has made many allegations about Minunette and Emoya; allegations which are misconstrued and false, and so seems to be vindictive on her part.

Kim Dijkman’s defamation of Minunette and the good work of Emoya are taken very seriously and she will be held accountable.

Our advice to the supporters and followers of Emoya is to consider Dijkman’s comments as slander, as do our lawyers. We and our lawyers will take appropriate actions.

At the same time we are requesting that no-one “attack” her on social media or via private email. We are simply making the public aware of her modus operandi.

Please see our responses to (to be updated soon)

  • Dijkman’s cover email
  • The ADI letter, according to Dijkman, attached in her email
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