Volunteers In Africa Beware neglected to contact Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary to confirm or discuss the allegations. Volunteers In Africa Beware published false information without any research.


Our response to the false information regarding poaching at Emoya

Two lions were poached at Emoya during May 2017. Emoya had no security at the time as most other (big cat) sanctuaries. Since the poaching incident, Emoya has become one of the most secure sanctuaries in South Africa.

Emoya has armed guards 24/7. Emoya funds the security which patrols the entire perimeter and internal roads of the sanctuary, the original Emoya cats, the lions from Stichting Leeuw, including the lions rescued by ADI. ADI funds only the security at the rescued lions from Peru and Colombia.

The local community, of which Emoya is an active member, has 24/7 armed response vehicles with guards patrolling all the external roads since July 2017. Emoya contributes financially to this “outer layer” of security monthly. Emoya has excellent relationships with the local security initiative, the greater security initiative, neighbouring security clusters, the South African Police Services the Community Policing Forum.

LPR cameras are being installed at all the intersections possibly leading to Emoya as an early waring system to the entire area. Save the Waterberg Rhino donated these cameras.

Emoya has invested in high technological security (confidential info).

Emoya with the ongoing support of the community, has made a massive effort to prevent future poaching, not only of the big cats at Emoya but other endangered species living in our community. Together, we are making a huge effort to protect the lives of the humans who protect our wildlife.

Emoya is consulting on an ongoing basis with security experts regarding risk analysis, new security technology, and maintaining and improving the skills of the “boots on the ground” continuously.


Our response to the allegations of possible money mismanagement

Financial mismanagement by Emoya is the opinion of ADI and a disgruntled volunteer. The certified audited financial statements of Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary NPC will be available to the public after 12 September 2018.

The fundamental purpose of the audit is to provide independent assurance that management has, in its financial statements, presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance and position.

The Emoya financials are independently (externally) compiled and reported. In terms of the Company’s Act Regulations “independently compiled and reported” means that the annual financial statements are prepared by

  • an independent accounting professional
  • on the basis of financial records (all bank and PayPal statements) provided by the company, and
  • in accordance with any relevant financial reporting standards
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