“LeoVegas is a Swedish mobile gaming company, and has since its launch in 2012 become one of the market leaders within it’s field.Thanks to its strong inflow of customers, exceptional growth and constant innovation, LeoVegas is the trailblazer in the mobile revolution.

As a part of our 5 year celebration, LeoVegas launched the Leo Initiative. The project is a charity project with the goal of giving back to the global community. The initiative contributes to multiple projects, the collaboration with Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary being one of them. The history of the sanctuary, and the commitment of the Heuser family, made the choice of Emoya an easy one.

LeoVegas commits being the official sponsor of Bruno and Omar, supporting the maintenance of the two brothers while at Emoya. We have also launched a volunteering sponsorship for all of our employees, where we sponsor all expenses to participate in Emoya’s volunteer program. We are tremendously proud to have the opportunity and possibility to give back, and to make a hands-on difference.

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