Jose was a friendly lion who lived very happily alongside Liso.

Liso & Jose:

Rest in peace post:

Thank you for your concern, your kind words, and support. It’s time to #standtogether.We were “just” a sanctuary. This…

Publiée par Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary sur Vendredi 2 juin 2017

Tribute post:

LISO & JOSE"Your *disrespect of life*has demonstrated in the ugliest way.We will love harder.We will think…

Publiée par Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary sur Lundi 5 juin 2017

Tribute video:

#StandTogether #StrongTogetherWe will not let Liso & Jose become another statistic. The wise say “time is too long for those who grieve” … yet "for those who love, time is eternity”. Does this mean … we will grieve forever? And how do we make sure we do not become the monster while fighting the monster? I’ll tell you how …"We will love harderWe will think inclusivelyand be kindand be a human beingother human beings are proud ofall the more."To help keep the remaining rescued cats safe at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, you can make a donation here: to help ADI put a stop to poaching, make a donation here: & Jose … by Suzanne de Jongh

Publiée par Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary sur Dimanche 11 juin 2017

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