Emoya Enso Society members are remarkable and caring people who contribute regularly and at least €10 per month to the Sanctuary and its animals. The contribution (donation) is non-specific and not related to a specific animal or adoption of the animal. Because … we do not have favourites …
At Emoya we have a saying: Little by little …a little becomes a lot …
For your donation of €10 per month (for a minimum of 12 months), we will post the following in our (secret) Facebook group. The (secret) group is in the members’ honor and celebrates their commitment toward making a difference for those who need their help!
– one EXCLUSIVE #EmoyaLive per month of a nominated big cat (chosen by most votes)
– two EXCLUSIVE photo/video updates per week
– for every €10 donated, a colorful ribbon tied to the EMOYA ENSO FENCE

Donation options-12 months

Donation options-Forever

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