Emoya’s Vision


Emoya will be a guiding light in the noble pursuit of changing cruelty into care.


We reach for this ideal by demonstrating that acts of kindness, like providing sanctuary for abused lions, can cause ripples of goodwill to spread far and wide and to influence human behaviour.


Our vision is to create a bubble where it is safe inside, where people and animals live in harmony, where Emoya is the last piece of the puzzle; a retirement village for lions. A beautiful place where we teach and learn from others why and how people must treat and care for animals.


We stand against the illegal wildlife trade in any form; so

  • we procure sustainable meat from managed culling
  • we allow no visitors aside from volunteers and staff to engage with the animals
  • we allow no physical interaction, cuddling, petting of the big cats in our care
  • we cremate animals who breathe their last, rather than sell their body parts
  • we sponsor anti-poaching initiatives and provide education on the benefits to the community of protecting big cats
  • we lead initiatives and support forums in conservation and animal protection
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