Barbie was a playful, happy lion and was called “beautiful lady” by her carers. She had the best table manners – Barbie waited patiently for mealtimes and enjoyed every mouthful

Rest in peace post

On Christmas Day 2017 … we finally realized: life is random. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas. Whether you…

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Tribute video

This right hereGoes out to everyoneThat has lost someoneThat they truly lovedSeems like yesterday we used to rock the showI laced the track, you the locked the flowSo far from hanging on the block for doughNotorious, they got to knowThat life ain’t always what it seems to beWords can't express what you mean to meEven though you are gone, we still a teamThrough your family, I'll fulfill your dreamIn the future, can't wait to seeIf you’ll open the gates for meReminisce some timeThe night they took my friendTry to black it out, but it plays againWhen it’s real, feelings are hard to concealCan't imagine all the pain I feelGive anything to hear half your breathI know you still living your life, after deathEvery step I take, every move I makeEvery single day, every time I prayI'll be missing youThinking of the day, when you went awayWhat a life to take, what a bond to breakI’ll be missing youIt's kinda hard with you not aroundKnow you in heaven smiling downWatching us while we pray for youEvery day we pray for youTill the day we meet againIn my heart is where I’ll keep you friendMemories give me the strength I need to proceedStrength I need to believeMy thoughts Big I just can’t defineWish I could turn back the hands of timeUs in the six, shop for new clothes and kicksYou and me taking flicksMaking hits, stages they receive you onStill can't believe you're goneGive anything to hear half your breath know you are still living you’re life after deathEvery step I take, every move I makeEvery single day, every time I prayI'll be missing you#InMemoryOfBarbie#FinalPost#InMyHeartIsWhereIllKeepYou#OpenTheGatesForMe#RestInPeaceBarbie

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