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In the immortal words of Louis C.K., bringing a “lion" home is a countdown to sorrow.Chances are we are going to outlive these lions, and when we do, we are going to cry.Of course, that has yet to stop us from bringing lions back to Africa, but when the inevitable happens it's still very sad. And especially when totally unexpected.Asali was relocated with her sister Nala and Tristan to Emoya during May 2016. These three lions were born in a German animal park. During 2012 they were moved to Stichting Leeuw, with Isolde en Simba, when they were about nine months old. The five lions all have the same father and two different mothers. As they grew up, the male lions Simba and Tristan were separated. They each got their own females. This is a perfectly natural; lions always live in a pride. Nala is a bit more timid, Asali a bit more adventurous. Tristan is the biggest and coolest lion male and a true leader: headstrong, brave and very inquisitive. ( passed away during August 2017. The Post Mortem report we received on 14 September indicated that Asali was in excellent health at the time of her death with no evidence of pre-existing disease or foul-play. Asali died due to injuries to the throat. We can only speculate that wild play between this lion pride turned into tragedy.6 ½ years.The Love Lions.The Wild ones.Asali.Thank you to Sarah Silverman … we used some of your words.Thank you to Jack Johnson for your #BetterTogether

Publiée par Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary sur Mardi 19 septembre 2017

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